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cast iron casserole dish for sale

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cast iron casserole dish for sale

1.First time use this cookware, choose warm water add some Neutral detergent to clean.

2.In daily life use Neutral detergent or Dedicated detergent to clean, can keep cast iron cookware life long time.

3.Avoid sudden temperature changes, when the cookware high temperature, pls don't put the cold water, prevent enamel coating  fall off.

4.Avoid overheating, this cookware have thermal conductivity, high temperature heating will be make cookware body overheat,It is     recommended to use low heat heat

5.Pls wipe up after use, put the well-ventilated area, if put the wet plae not good for the cookware.

6.It is forbidden to excessive knock against,To prevent the enamel coating fall off.

7.You'd better use Wooden shovel or silicone shovel, Avoid using metal shovel and a steel ball, So as not to scratch the enamel,Affect the service life.

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