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What you need to know about kitchen utensils: three advantages of cast iron pot cooking

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Modern home cooking tends to take advantage of the convenience of non-stick pans, but don't underestimate the traditional black cast iron pan.

1. Cooking with cast iron pan can drain less oil

When the cast iron pot is used for a long time, the surface will naturally generate a layer of shine, which is basically equivalent to the effect of non-stick pan. Don't put too much oil when cooking, so avoid eating too much cooking oil. Clean the iron pan, do not need to use detergent, use hot water with a hard brush to clean, completely dry.

2. Traditional iron pans can avoid the potential effects of harmful chemicals on the surface of the non-stick pan

Non-stick surface coatings usually contain carbon tetrafluoride, a chemical that can damage the liver, affect growth and even cause cancer. Studies have also shown that this chemical may cause women to enter menopause in advance. When cooking in a non-stick pan, the carbon tetrafluoride will become a volatilized gas at high temperatures, and will be inhaled by the human body as the cooking fumes are smoked. In addition, the surface of the non-stick pan is scraped by a shovel, and the carbon tetrafluoride drops into the food and is directly eaten into the stomach. Traditional iron pots do not have this chemical coating, and naturally there is no such danger.

3. Cooking with iron pan can supplement iron

At high temperatures, a small amount of iron in the iron pot will penetrate into the food, thus acting objectively as an iron supplement.

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