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The advantages of Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Wok

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The advantages of Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Wok

The advantages of Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Wok

The wok is a must for everyone at home, and there are many different woks on the market. Such as ceramics, iron pans, aluminum pans, stainless steel, non-stick pans, titanium alloys, etc. And now it seems that many people are fond of cast iron wok. Why is the cast iron wok worthy of so many people's favors? Let's take a look at the cast iron wok with the charms.


Why use a cast iron wok?

Cast iron is re-forged from pig iron and belongs to the category of pig iron. Its biggest advantage is that the volumetric heat capacity (the amount of heat absorbed or released by the temperature change of 1 °C) is high, which means that once it gets hot, its heat can be maintained for a long time.


This is especially important when frying meat: the temperature of the steak does not dip when it comes into contact with the wok, which can quickly coke the surface of the steak and lock the gravy.


Another advantage is its high emissivity.

For example, the emissivity of stainless steel is about 0.07. Even when it is very hot, you don't feel any heat when you put it close to it. The heat of cooking in this pot can only reach the side where the food comes in contact with the pot. In contrast, the cast iron pot has an emissivity of 0.64, so the food can be fully heated as a whole, which is what the chefs call "wok spirit."


Cooking Diversity

Cast iron wok can meet almost all daily cooking needs, frying, frying, stewing, boiling, roasting. And cast iron pot can be applied to a variety of heat sources, open flames, ovens, induction cookers. The cast iron wok can also be served directly as a tableware on the dining table.

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