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Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

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Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet,if you need 10 inch Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet or Square Cast Iron Mini Skillet,pls contact us.

The first non-stick coating is not permanent, and the coating life of a non-stick pan can vary from a few years to a decade. Its service life also needs our usual maintenance to extend him. Also avoid shaving or dry cooking, not hot pot cold washing, these are the main reasons for the short service life of non-stick cooking POTS. In addition to use within the 250 ℃, temperature control with time delay, fall off because of the wear of the star belong to the normal phenomenon, will not affect the use, there is no harm to human body.

Minor scratches will only affect the appearance of the surface and will not affect the damage or the continued cooking of food. In order to prevent further scratches, you can avoid using sharp instruments in the cooking process.

Square Cast Iron Mini Skillet 

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