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Mini cast iron skillet for sale

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mini cast iron skillet Feature

1.Cast iron skillets are a timeless must-have for every kitchen.

2.Taste the way food was “meat” to be made! 

Cast iron is preferred by gourmet chefs around the world.

It’s always used by those who demand perfection.


3. Fast (Pre-Seasoned Coating), Even Heating-High Heat, No Problem! 

An important part of cooking is controlling the temperature of the cooking surface. 

Cast Iron gives you the ultimate in control and flexibility! 

It makes the perfect veggies and meats, just the way you want them


4 Easy to clean! Just water! Do not put in the dishwasher.

Mini cast iron skillet for sale Advantage 

1. High quality iron raw material :It choose high quality cast raw material,can supply human body the necessary iron element.

2.Various heat resouce:It can use on many kinds stoves.--gas furnace, Halogen furnace ,induction cooker,oven and so on.

3.Even heating:The cast iron cookware can heat uniform.When you cook,the pot can keep 230°C constant temperature,and keep the food original taste and non-stick.

4.No harmeful coating: We use pure soybean oil paint and definitely can't use harmeful item.

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