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How to Select---Best-Selling Cast Iron Skillet

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All the sellers, especially the new sellers that want to try to sell cast iron skillets, would care about one question: how to select the right style. As a producer and exporter in cast iron cookware industry over 20 years, we would like to introduce the best selling cast iron skillets for you.

There are many types of cast iron skillets. If classified by surface treatment, there are “pre-seasoned” and “enameled”. If classified by height, there are shallow skillets and deep skillets. But today we would like to introduce by its style.

Generally speaking, the cast iron skillet has three types.

A. Without Dual Handle

The size of these skillets is mostly under 25cm. The weight of the skillets is not too heavy so the dual handle is not very necessary. These skillets are smaller in size and more flexible to use.

The most classic skillet in this type is 6” 8” 10” cast iron skillet set. Three different sizes can meet the cooking needs of different scenarios.

How to Select Best Selling Cast Iron Skillet

B. With Dual Handle

It is not hard to understand that the dual handle is for bigger skillets. Helper handle makes the skillets easy lifting and handling during cooking. 

Large-sized frying pans are more versatile than smaller ones. If you only want one skillet and keep it for a lifetime, choose a 10 inch cast iron skillet or 12 inch cast iron skillet.

C. With Wooden Handle

For regular cast iron skillet, you must use a towel or wear a glove for heat insulation. But skillets with wooden handle solved the problem. Some of the customers prefer to cook without any insulation, and they would choose cast iron skillets with wooden handle.

In our experiences, cast iron skillet with wooden handle sells more in European countries. 

Cast iron skillet is definitely one of the durable styles among all the cast iron cookware. It is the right tool to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry or grill. If you are a new seller or interested to be one, you should start with cast iron skillet. If you are already a cast iron cookware seller but hasn’t started to sell cast iron skillet, you should let it be a series of all your items.

Besides the three types I mentioned above, we have other styles such as square cast iron skillets, deep cast iron skillets, and enameled cast iron skillets. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in any items or have any questions. We are willing to answer any related questions for you. 

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